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July 31st, 2021
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7 Reasons to Give Coworking a Try!

Are you working out of your spare room, or a tiny corner of your house? There is a better way!

I’ve been working out of a tiny office at home most days for the past 12 months, and while it has been fine doing so, I’ve now taken the plunge and have organised desk space in the Coworking area (shared office) at Welsh ICE here in Caerphilly.  Why, I hear you say?  Here are just a few reasons I’ve decided to take the plunge:

Less distractions

There is no washing to be done, no TV to distract me, the neighbour’s dog can’t disturb me with it’s barking and I don’t end up randomly doing housework.  I can concentrate solely on work for the days I am there, and find I am much more productive.


It can be very lonely working from home on my own.  I’m loving having people around me, and with everyone working hard I feel more inspired.  It’s lovely to have a chat with people around the coffee-making facilities, and it gives me the chance to chat with some new people every time I’m there.

Breakout space

It is great to have a space where I can go to unwind and take a break from tasks when needed.  Welsh ICE even have a gaming area set up! 


There are so many other people with different skills and areas of expertise here to chat with and bounce around ideas with.  Sometimes I may not even realise I need some extra help in a specific area until talking to someone in the coworking area.  There is always the possibility that I can help others on a more formal basis too, and that I know who to go to when I need someone eg a graphic designer for a specific piece of artwork.


I can have coworking desk space when I need it, and can increase or decrease the amount of time I need in the office easily.  There are meeting rooms here I can book if needed, and a lovely coffee shop on site for lunch, which is also great if I want to have a more casual chat with clients over a coffee.


There are so many opportunities to meet people and develop here at Welsh ICE, with ‘Meet the Expert’ sessions, workshops and so much more.  There is time for a bit of fun too, with film evenings, charity events and even a quiz night.

Free tea and coffee!

Yep, that’s right.  Free tea and coffee is provided in the coworking area, so there is no excuse to not keep hydrated, and it is a great excuse to get up from the computer, have a stretch and go and chat with someone.

So far, so good.  I’m loving the company and the space is so friendly.  Much better than trying to work from home all the time.  We highly recommend Welsh ICE to all those in the Caerphilly and Cardiff areas as a great place to look at as a co-working space.  There are several packages to choose from too.  These include packages where you can use a desk space for one day a week and use the offices as your registered address as well as having a landline number, right up to having your own full-time private office for your team.  Why not check out their packages here!   Depending on your circumstances, you may also qualify for their Space Programme, which is fully funded and designed to help your business flourish. 

Why not book a time to come and have a look around and see what Welsh ICE can offer you!   



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