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June 19th, 2021
BusinessHints & Tips

How to Get the Staff Your Business Deserves!

Struggling to find the right staff for your business?  Check out these tips for recruiting your next employee.

  • Think about what role your new staff member will have, and write a good job description.  Think about what skills they will need, the personality traits they will need, and any relevant experience they should have.  Try to involve your current staff members in this.
  • Look at the package you are providing your new employee – what will attract good staff to you – think about pay levels, staff benefits such as health care plans, flexible working, bonuses etc.  Why would they choose you over a different employer?
  • If possible, for more senior positions, recruit from within the company.
  • Ask your existing staff and contacts if they can recommend someone who would be a perfect fit for the role.
  • Post an advert where the staff you would like to recruit will see it.  The internet and social media can be a big help here, but don’t forget about industry publications and newspapers.
  • Develop a scoring system for when applications start to come in.  Then once you have narrowed down your selection, narrow it down further by pre-screening the applicants over the phone.  Use a consistent set of questions in both this step and your face-to-face interviews will help ensure you’re evaluating applicants equally.
  • Schedule and conduct the interviews. Using a consistent set of 10 or 12 questions to maintain a structured interview will help, and offer a sound basis for comparing applicants.
  • Check references for the top potential applicant or applicants before offering them the position.  It is also a good idea to check their profiles on social media.  You can learn a lot about their behaviours and attitudes from what they post!

If you struggle with any of the above, find yourself a good local recruitment agency who can help find the right employee for you and your business.




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